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Louisville Pulmonary Care, PLLC is a group of fully trained physician specialists conjoined for the care of both outpatient and hospitalized patients. We care for patients who have Pulmonary or Respiratory disorders, disorders of sleep and hospital patients with critical care needs. Our group is dedicated to treating patients with integrity, professionalism and sensitivity to the individual needs and to the needs of the patients family.

At Louisville Pulmonary Care, PLLC our mission is and will always be:

New At Louisville Pulmonary Care

Electronic check-in for patients

For our patients to check in, no more need for paper and forms.

Introducing Phreesia tablets, safe and secure

Shift staff to higher-value of patient care while our patients use Phreesia’s electronic patient intake platform to complete a full demographic and clinical interview, sign consent forms, complete relevant clinical assessments, and pay their copay and open balances—all from the privacy of their seat in our waiting room. Maintain up-to-date, legible and comprehensive patient information, eliminate the need to scan paper forms, and manage all data—including payments and valuable analytic tools—from one central platform to ensure consistency across our patient care  


Home Sleep Study

For the convenience of our patients we are now providing them with the opportunity of doing a Home Sleep Study at their own home

with the privacy and comfort that they acquire, This process will enable our physicians to do a better diagnosis and evaluate a patients condition

so that they can provide the best care for you. 

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